Save to "Watch Later" | Watch List

We have added the ability for users to mark content to "Watch Later".  This feature encourages content discovery by allowing users to scroll and mark content that they want to watch at some point in the future.

Once a piece of content has been saved to watch later it will be added to a new dynamic carousel on the users discover page. To save content to the watch list a user must be logged in. Movies and Videos can be added to the watch list. If a user selects "Watch Later" on a series, the first episode of the series will be added, to add more episodes they must select them from the Series detail page. 


When scrolling over content a new icon will display on the top right of the image, click that icon to add/remove content from the watch list


The Watch List carousel will display on the discover page and can be moved to anywhere in the order of the carousels.



Please note - this is currently a Web/Mobile Web feature only. Contact your Solutions Engineer to enable this feature on your site. 

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