Watch Party

With Powr, you can create your own private watch party for your live events. 

Your users will be able to create watch parties to chat amongst their friends and family even before the live event begins. They will be able to click on the Watch Party icon on the countdown page of the live events itself and get a special link that they can share to join the private watch party once the live event begins.



The watch party will prompt a user to sign up / log in to use the feature. Once created and the live event is live, users can join the special link and get into a private chat room. During the live event, on the right side modules, users can click the Watch Party icon and enter the private chat.




Please note - this a Web/Mobile Web feature only. You will need your site to already be connected with Live Chat. Contact your Solutions Engineer for more information on this Powr Premium Feature. Additional costs may apply.

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