Live Chat

When it comes to an interactive live experience, look no further than the Live Chat. 



The Powr video player allows you to enable a live chat for all your live events. This chat module will be available during playback of your live event and is just a click away.

The chat module also has a built-in profanity filter. The filter does realtime moderation on chat messages as they're entered, detecting bad words, swear words, and profanity in any given text, and then censoring the content. Whenever a user publishes messages, the filter processes the text for profanity, and either blocks the publishing of the post or sensors specific words. 

Each live event will have its own live chat allowing your users to interact with one another. For a user to be able to participate in the live chat, they must have an account with your streaming service and also enter a name.

If they don't already have one, a prompt will appear allowing them to sign up and enter their name. 



If you would like to download the chat history for your live events, it can can be retrieved up to 7 days from request time. Simply talk to your Solutions Engineer to get a download of your history.


Please note - this feature is available for Web, Mobile Web, iOS, and Android. Contact your Solutions Engineer for more information on this Powr Premium Feature. Additional costs may apply.

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