Rentals are a feature of Movies and Series content which are premium Powr features. Please contact your Solutions Engineer for information on how to activate for your Powr property.

Step 1: Creating a Rental

Within the Powr dashboard, from the left menu select "Bundles" and then "Rentals" from the drop-down.




Step 2: Setting Rental Details

From here, you can create your rental and enter a series of details to set up your particular rental bundle.




Name: Enter a name for your rental bundle

Price: The price for your rental

Duration: How long a viewer will have access to the a particular title

Duration Unit: Choose between hours, days, or weeks

Set as Default: Checking this box will automatically apply this rental to all titles. If left unchecked, you are effectively creating a custom rental which allows you to assign it on a title by title basis.

Preorders: Allows you to specify a date for preorders of your rental

Start on Watch: Checking this box will start the rental timer when a user begins watching the piece of content for the first time


Step 3: Connecting Your Created Rental to a Movie/Series Title

If you've elected to "Set as Default" your rental, then you're all set - all of your Movie/Series content will now be connected to the rental you created.

If you did not choose "Set to Default", then you will have to assign your rental on a title by title basis. To do that, go into a Movie/Series title's Details page and select the "Rentals" tab at the top.




From within this tab, select "Other Options", choose the rental you created, and then click "Update" in the upper right corner.




Important Note: Movie/Series titles must have Access set to "Requires Login" in order for your rental to be enabled on your microsite. Set this Access under the "Info" tab on the Movies Details page.

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