Users Management

Managing your users is easy on Powr CMS. To access the User Management section, select "Users" from the left menu. When a user signs up for an account, their information is populated in this section. Here you can view their details and also generate links to reset their password or edit their information such as Name, Gender, DOB, and Email. You are also able to view their Purchase history if applicable.

  1. To search for a user enter a users email address, first or last name into the 'Search' box

  2. Click on the gear icon under 'Actions' to view more details
  3. Here you can edit the users email address, by clicking the 'pencil' icon next to the users email address or press the "Generate" button to create a reset password link to send to the user. This link is valid for 24 hours.password_email.jpg

  4. The info section lists all the users information (first name, last name, gender and birth date)

  5. Click the edit button to edit any of the above information for the specific user
  6. Click on the "Purchases" tab to view if this user has purchased any bundles. 

  7. If you click on the bundle name (ex: "All Access-Video-on-Demand") you can see necessary details of the purchase: Bundle, Pricing (monthly, annual, etc), Status, Gateway, Platform, Start and Next Billing Date as well as Billing Amount. You also can cancel the subscription as requested by the user.
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