Channel Directory

Channel Directory is a feature that allows for a site wide view of all of your channels. This is a master page users can visit to see every channel you have in a single place.


Enabling Channel Directory


Step 1: Select Layout


From the Powr dashboard, on the left menu select "Settings" and then "Layout" from the drop-down.




Step 2: Add a New Section


Select the "New Section" button to create your Channel Directory.




Step 3: Create the Channel Directory


A pop up will appear asking you to choose the section type you want to create. Select "Directory" and then click "Create".




Step 4: Editing your Channel Directory


From within the Options area, you can now edit the following in your Channel Directory:


Label: Give the section a name.


Menu Icon: Set an icon that will appear on the left menu of your microsite.


Show Video Info: Choose whether or not to have a description under each video when a user selects a channel from the directory.


Available Channels/Selected Channels: Choose which channels to include and in what order.


When you're done, hit the "Save" button along the upper right side.




Step 5: Adding Images to Each Channel


By default, the image for each tile representing a channel in your directory will be your brand's icon. To add an image, please refer to the Channel List guide here.

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