MailChimp Integration

Take Control of your audience!

Collecting emails will allow you to begin marketing to them directly, strengthening your relationship and increasing views. 

Powr users are prompted to input their email address when signing up for a site/app.  Having an account is required whenever a user attempts to engage with a video (commenting, creating a GIF/MEME etc...) or if content is behind a paywall.  Anytime a user signs up for your site/apps, you can easily have their email added to your own email marketing list to contact them directly.  

Integrating MailChimp

Step 1: Create a MailChimp account

MailChimp is respected as the internet's premier email marketing service.  It allows you to compile audiences(lists), compose beautifully designed marketing emails, and track analytics around your sent messages.
Click here to create your free MailChimp account. 

Step 2: Accessing your MailChimp API key

Once you have created a MailChimp account, you will need to find your API key (A unique serial code associated with your account) to let Powr know where to send your user's email addresses. To find the code from your MailChimp account dashboard select "Profile" from the drop down menu under your username.



Next select "Extras" and from the drop down select "API Keys"


From there you will find you can create an API key.  Select it, and copy it.

Step 3: Entering your MailChimp API key into your Powr Admin

Go to your Powr dashboard, select "Settings," and from the drop down select "Integrations."  


From the "Integrations" page you will see the section titled "MailChimp."  Next to the section titled " API Key" paste the API Key you copied from step 2. 

Step 4: Creating your fan email list

Underneath where you input the API Key is the section "List."  If you already have a MailChimp list you would like to start adding your Powr users' emails to, select it from the drop down.  If you have yet to set up a list, select "+Add List" You will be taken to MailChimp to create a list to add your Powr users' email addresses to.

Step 5: Passing Fields to MailChimp

In order to pass in all the fields to MailChimp, you will need to create these columns on the MailChimp side. See attached for list of field names and the types they will need to be set on your list on MailChimp (the one you specify in Powr CMS). On MailChimp, if you navigate to the list > settings >
Audience Fields and |MERGE| tags.


These are the fields you can choose to have passed to MailChimp. You can add them all if you’d like:

available to,date
bundle name,text
device type,text
dropped cart,text
first billing date,date
first name,text
last name,text
original amount,number
signup date,date
trial duration,number
user id,text


That's it! Now when users sign up to your Powr site, they will automatically flow into your specified list on Mailchimp allowing you to do any further email marketing communication. 

Note: If you already have existing users on your Powr site, they will be also be added to your specified list on Mailchimp as well



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