SSL Certificates & Custom Domains

To whitelabel your Powr site to a custom domain, we will need your SSL certificate and configure a C Name on your DNS. 


SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are required for use on https:// "secure" websites that collect personal data, including Credit Card information, login credentials, etc. There are 3 types of certificates available, each with a different level of security

  1. Domain Validated (DV): Lowest level of trust; simple setup.  The site owner is the only information validated, using validation email that is sent to the websites registered email address
  2. Organizationally Validated (OV): Moderate level of trust; typically takes a few days to complete verification.  An organizations physical location and website domain must be verified to obtain this type of certificate
  3. Extended Validated (EV): Highest level of trust; has a more complex verification process.  The review process includes an examination of corporate documents, confirming the applicants identity, and cross- checking the information with a third-party database

We recommend utilizing GoDaddy for obtaining the SSL, either an OV or EV SSL certificate is preferred, however a DV certificate is acceptable as long as a PEM and Key File can be provided to us (these items can usually be obtained as soon as the certificate request is approved. If you utilize GoDaddy to obtain the SSL certificate you can follow these steps to download the files we need

Please send your PEM and Key File to your Solutions Engineer prior to setting up the C Name on your DNS.


Custom Domain Names

A typical Powr website looks like this - - where "justlol" is the unique site name. 

If you own the domain you can have it point to

In your DNS, please create a CNAME record for your primary domain ( like this: 



Example: GoDaddy Instructions - CNAME change

Step 1: Click on Manage DNS for your domain. 



Step 2: Click on ADD or EDIT an existing CNAME record that has Name = "www".


Step 3: Add CNAME record


All Done! Now to go your admin on the CMS and update your Custom Domain.


Optional - Step 4

Add/Edit "A" record with Name = "@" with a naked redirect IP =

This will redirect anything "" to ""



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