General Settings

Step 1: Opening the General Settings

Select "General" from within the "Settings" dropdown on the left side of the page.




You now should be on the "General" page. From here you can change the look of your site to fit your branding.  

Step 2: Connecting a Custom Domain

Connecting your site to a custom domain is easy. If you own a domain that you would like your site to be under follow these steps.




Step 3: Title and Description

Give your site a name and description. Use a name that your customers will recognize and a description that will attract people to the site, since this will only be viewable in search results or when your site is shared. 



Step 4: Adding a Logo

To add your Logo to your site, just drag and drop your image file into the upload box under Logo on the General settings page.




A transparent PNG should be used. Your logo will be automatically scaled to 20px in height.

Step 5: Favicon

To add a Favicon to your site, just drag and drop your image file into the upload box under Favicon on the General settings page.



Step 6: Default Page 

The default page is the landing page for your site.



Step 7: Theme Color

To incorporate your brand color into a site, enter your HEX code value here.



Step 8: GIF Logo

One of the perks of Powr is that your customers can instantly turn any moment within your content into a shareable GIF.  You have the option to put a watermark logo on the GIF so that when it's shared, users will know where it came from. You may choose where the logo appears on the GIF using the "GIF Logo Position" drop down.



Step 9: Social Media



Place links to each of your social media accounts here. Accounts you have linked will look like this on your microsite:



Step 10: Widget Order

When playing back content, there widgets that appear on the right side of the video player.



Under the "Widget Order" section you can choose what widgets you'd like to appear and in what order.




Step 11: Overlay

The overlay is the colored strip above the video on the player, and the left side module. In the image below, it's set to a red tone. Use the "Overlay" color selector to set this color.  



Enabling "Continuous playback of video during navigation" means that when a user navigates the left menu from the video player the video they were watching will continue playing.



Part 12: Site Modules

Select whether you want the right side modules to auto-hide during video playback.




Step 13: Ad Monetization

Powr properties have the opportunity to automatically deliver pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads, as well as banner ads at industry best CPMs. When you select to enable them, a review process will take place. Reach out to your Solutions Engineer for more information about getting ad monetization turned on for your brand.



Step 14: MailChimp Integration 

A powerful tool Powr provides you is the ability to collect your customers' emails. Click here for instructions how to set up a free MailChimp account and begin compiling emails.  

Step 15: Localize

If you would like, you can set up your site to translate into many languages depending on a user's location. Follow this link to get an API key to do so. Then select the "Settings" section from the Powr dashboard and click on "Integrations" from the drop down.


From the "Integrations" page enter your API key into the "Localize" section to complete the process.



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