Channel Management

On your Powr properties, videos are organized by channels. It is up to you to decide channel groupings that make sense for your content, and then name them accordingly.

Step 1: Accessing the "Channels" section

From the Powr admin's left menu, select "Content" and then "Channels".


Step 2: Creating a Channel/editing a Channel

From here you can see and edit existing channels. Select the "Add Channel" button to add a new channel. You'll then be asked to create a channel specifically for one of the following three content types: Videos, Movies, or Series. To edit an existing channel, select the gear button under the "Actions" column.


Step 3: Create Channel page

From the "Create Channel" page you can edit the following fields...

Display Name: Give the channel a title.

Sort Content: Decide if the content's order will have the "Default" order you set, show "Most Recent" content first, or sort by "Most Popular".

Show Logo: Enable and upload a logo to represent the channel.

Show Artwork: Enable and upload artwork to be seen when on a channel.

Artwork Link URL: Choose what page clicking on channel artwork leads to.

Artwork Text: Caption your channel artwork.


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