Conversion Funnel

Increase conversions with a seamless 1 click purchase funnel. Here's an example of a funnel configured to maximize purchases.



Upon opening the application on both iOS and Android, users will be prompted to Try for free and subscribe to an annual or monthly bundle in a one click mechanism. Clicking on the Try Free & Subscribe option will open the in app purchase option from Apple or Google directly allowing your users to subscribe without even needing to create an account. 

Users will also have the option to opt out of this and go straight to the discover page of content of your application. On your application, you will have Lock indicators to signal that the content is behind paywall. Upon clicking on any piece of content behind a paywall will prompt the user to purchase the bundle with the 1 click purchase funnel.




Configuring the funnel

Navigate to your CMS and under monetization, click on Funnels. 


Click on + New Funnel to start




Enter a Name for this funnel. This name will not be displayed to customers, it's for your own use on the CMS. 
Enter a customizable title and features you would like to share with your customers. This is where you can get creative and explain why they should sign up for your service. 
Decide which bundle to use for this funnel to maximize conversions for. You can only use 1 bundle per funnel created. For more information on bundles, click here


Once you have your funnel set up, you can enable it for your mobile and web users to get the funnel.

You are able to create multiple funnels and choose which funnels to enable allowing you to test which leads to the best conversions. 

Please note: This conversion funnel is only available to mobile apps (ios/android) and will soon be available for web. Talk to your Solutions Engineer to enable this feature for your streaming service.



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