AppsFlyer Integration

Appsflyer is a great tool for Affiliate tracking in IOS, Android, and Web. To learn more about AppsFlyer click here: Welcome to AppsFlyer


If you have an AppsFlyer account set up, you will just need your AppsFlyer PBA Web Dev Key and the App Dev Key for iOS/Android.

For Web 

For information on how to get the Web Dev Key, click here: Retrieve your Web Dev Key

Copy the provided Web Dev Key and paste it into the Integrations section of your site on Powr. 



For iOS/Android

Once you set up each application on AppsFlyer, we will just need the Dev Key for each application. For information on how to retrieve this on AppsFlyer, click here: Retrieve your App Dev Key

Provide the iOS and Android App Dev Keys to your solutions engineer to be added to your streaming applications. 


The keys provided will allow you to start getting events flowing into your AppsFlyer Dashboard


Events tracked


Event ID Environment Trigger Description
purchase.created S2S
Occurs whenever the process for a new purchase is started. This doesn’t mean the payment was actually collected. Depending on the plan time, gateway and the outcome of the payment it can be followed by different events.
purchase.failed S2S
Occurs whenever gateway reports a failure processing a payment for one-time, rental or period purchases.
purchase.preordered S2S
Occurs whenever a bundle is paid in advance before the content is available.
purchase.trialing S2S
Occurs whenever a purchase goes through a trial period.
purchase.converted S2S
Occurs whenever a purchase is transitioned from trialing to active status.
purchase.activated S2S
Occurs whenever a purchase status is changed to active. For one-time purchases it’s triggered immediately after the created event upon successful payment. In case of recurring subscriptions event is triggered upon the first payment is collected, without considering trial periods.
purchase.suspended S2S
Occurs whenever a payment for a recurring subscription cannot be collected. Purchase is moved to suspended and user can’t access the content until payment is successfully collected or attempts are exhausted.
purchase.canceled S2S
Occurs whenever a purchase is canceled. This can occurs mainly with recurring subscriptions or preorders canceled by the user. Another potential situation for triggering this event is when a new payment cannot be charged for a recurring subscription and following attempts to charge it are exhausted.
purchase.finished S2S
Occurs whenever the time available for a rental or period purchase is over and the user loses temporal access to the content.
transaction.created S2S
Occurs whenever a new transaction is initially tracked.
transaction.failed S2S
Occurs whenever a payment cannot be processed. Gateway could retry collecting the money again or not, depending on the purchase type and number of attempts already made.
transaction.settled S2S
Occurs whenever a new payment is charged successfully.
transaction.refunded S2S
Occurs whenever a partial or full refund is issued for a transaction.
user.login S2S
Occurs when user logs into website or mobile app S2S
Occurs when user logs into device through second screen code activation
user.signup S2S
Occurs when user signs up on webiste or mobile app
user.logout S2S
Occurs when user signs out of website or mobile app
checkout.init WEB
Occurs when user views the bundle checkout page
page.arrival WEB Occurs when user first loads the site
page.view WEB
Occurs on every page user visits on the site
af_app_opened APP Occurs on every application start
af_auto_login APP
Occurs every time application restores user session with saved credentials on application start
af_initiated_checkout APP
Occurs every time user clicks buy/purchase button and system purchase dialog is being shown
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