Channel List

Channel List is a unique way to improve your Discover pages by organizing your channels into tile images, as illustrated below:



Part 1: Naming Channels and Adding Channel Artwork


To customize each channel's artwork, from the left menu of Powr's dashboard go to "Content" and then "Channels" from the drop-down.




From the "Channels" section, select the gear icon on the right side to enter the "Channel Details" page.




From here you can adjust the following:


Display Name: Adjust the name of the channel.


Show Logo: Choose if you would like the channel's logo to appear at the top of the channel's page.




Logo: Where you upload your logo image.


Show Artwork: Choose if you would like a banner image to appear at the top of the channel page.


Artwork: Where you upload your banner image.



Part 2: Enabling Channel List on a Discover Page


Step 1: Accessing Sections


From the left menu of the Powr dashboard, select "Settings" and then "Layout" from the drop-down.




Step 2: Accessing the Discover Page


From the "Sections" area, select the Discover page you would like to add the Channel List to.




Step 3: Enabling the Channel List


Scroll to the bottom of the Discover page options and select the "Show Channel List" checkbox to enable your Channel List. You also have the option to give the list a title that will appear above the row on the Discover page.




Step 4: Setting and Ordering Channels in the List


After enabling the Channel List, a series of modules will appear that will allow you to drag and drop to change the order in which your channels will appear on the Discover page. To add channels, simply begin typing in the Channel List search field and add the desired channels to the list.



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